Wearing: Jump Around

«outfit details: jumper: Asos. shoes: Zara. jacket: c/o Gap.»


my favorite jumper…ever. also, the easiest “outfit” to pick out especially on busy days where you have other things on your mind. headed upstate in a couple hours for a long weekend full of friends, meetings, a wedding and lots of pool lounging. see you next week! xoxo.

Wearing: Brit Chic

«outfit details: top/shoes: Zara. skirt/earrings: Forever 21.»


this outfit feels part downtown, part british school girl. its relaxed in fir but buttoned up enough for the day full of meetings i’ve had today, it also makes me feel comfortable, which is all part of feeling my best everyday. xoxo.

Wearing: Silky Pants

«outfit details: shirt: Forever 21. pants/shoes/necklace: Zara. purse: c/o Danielle Nicole.»


not sure if you got the memo but Zara is having an insane clearance right now. these pants we’re there for $20!

over the past few months i’ve gone through some hormonal changes which have led to a 20 lb weight gain. everything in me wanted to go on an unhealthy diet and lose the weight fast, especially when this huge closet of clothes i own no longer fits;  but i know that’s not the right choice. it’s about nourishment and health and this has led me to learn and grow more as an individual than i ever would have 20 pounds less.

it’s taught me to care more about silhouettes, shapes and styles that work best for my new body. case in point: these pants. they smooth everything out and don’t make me feel constricted. they also have a nice summery elegance to them that works even with a t-shirt like today.so i come to you today, happy in these pants and coming to a greater sense of self love! xoxo.

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