Wearing: Pink Number

«outfit details: jumper: TopShop. choker: Asos. shoes: Zara. bag: vintage coach.»


i cant get enough of one-pieces for the summer. this season makes me want to take a more relaxed approach to dressing, so jumpers are always the perfect thing to throw on with ease, while still looking put together. xoxo.

Wearing: Shades of White

«outfit details: top: uniform supply store. culotte shorts/slipper shoes: TopShop. bag: vintage Coach. earrings: Forever 21. bracelet: REZN


something about wearing all white on a really hot day feels refreshing. i adore these new shoes and shorts purchased on mega sale from TopShop - i actually purposely sorted by under $50 and managed to get about six things for $150! can’t wait to wear and show them to you all (and check out said sale here). xoxo. 

Wearing: The Tropics

«outfit details: dress: Asos. shoes: Zara. necklace: REZN.»


excited to be back on the blog after a few days away - i have some exciting news to share - after an amazing seven years with my old agency, i have joined the sunshine sachs team in new york to work on pr for instagram! i am so excited and such an avid user myself. so i’ve been transitioning this week and dressing a bit more formal for the new job! excited to be back! and if we’re aren’t friends on instagram now, let’s be — i’m @jaimenlee. xoxo.

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