Wearing: Bleached

«outfit details: dress: Forever 21. jean jacket: c/o Gap. shoes: Zara. earrings: H&M.»


i wanted to make this jean jacket that i’ve had forever a but more summery, so i stuck it in a bucket of low-grade bleach and let it dry in the sun before washing it while upstate this weekend. it was twisted in the bucket and took on some of that shape throughout. i love the overall updated look! xoxo.

Wearing: White Out

«outfit details: shirt: c/o Boden. shorts: 501 Levis. shoes: Zara. necklaces: Asos, H&M, vintage.»


all white for the hottest day of the year thus far. how was your 4th? i spent mine upstate with my family swimming and eating way too much sugar. back to paleo this week and simple, comfy dressing in this heat! xoxo. 

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