Nolcha Fashion Week Recap

This is quite possibly the latest post ever, but I wanted to show everyone a very quick glimpse at a wonderful event I went to called Nolcha Fashion Week. Held a couple weeks ago during New York Fashion Week, the event includes displays and runway shows from some of the most promising independent and emerging designers out there. Below are my three favorite runway looks and three favorite pieces I discovered walking through the displays:

Love the look of this throwback vertical-striped button up with an almost metal looking short from Danilo Gabrelli. Plus his Mom came on stage during the final walk, they both cried and in turn, so did the whole audience!

Wow just look at the layers and seemingly weightless bounce of this skirt from Guljan Yrys. This is one of those pieces that’s so beautiful and fancy that you can pull an amazing look off simply pairing with a tee or chambray button up.

Kabuki’s show and general design concept focuses around a refined Kimono look and this one is amazing. It’s one of those fancy jackets that really adds a worldly feel to dressing.

I was like a bee drawn to nectar when I saw these amazing patterns and pieces above from Afia. Like I can’t even deal with how much I want each and every one of these pieces. Plus, I met the designer, who’s possibly the sweetest person ever and she goes over to Africa to source the fabric and have the pieces produced by the local communities, benefiting them from a skills and financial perspective. How more amazing can a business model be?

Maybe becuase I was wearing wider-leg pants or maybe kjust becuase this is all around fabulous - but i said - OMG I love this jumpsuit about ten times to the Rainbow People designer. But for real, OMG I love this jumpsuit.

I’ll end my roundup on my favorite note, the feminine prep pieces seen from Carrie Parry. Literally take everything you love like stripes, muted bold shades, washable fabrics, Peter Pan collars, blah blah and you’ve got this line. I swear I will be wearing one of Carrie’s pieces soon and they’re eco friendly which makes the brand and pieces even better!

Check out more shows, designers, pieces and party pics on Nolcha’s FW site here. xoxo.

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