Wearing: Pastel

«outfit details: sweater: J. Crew. suspender pants: Asos. shoes/jacket: Zara. hat: H&M. earrings: pearls from china. bracelet: REZN


i always used to dress what i’d describe as “sweet,’ with lots of lace and embellished things in the softest of shades. now, i’m so much more into a black and white palette but couldn’t resist a trip back to my old feminine way of dressing. xoxo.

Wearing: Cotton Ball

«outfit details: sweater: H&M. jeans: Brooklyn Denim Company. boots: Asos. choker: diy. bracelet: REZN.»


back to black and white! by far one of the most amazing deals i’ve stumbled on thsi season - this sweater from H&M purchased for $10 — and it wasn’t even on sale! i definitely encourage you to check out some of their weekly sale items. the prices cant be beat and are the easiest way to get ready for colder temps without breaking the bank. also, in case you’re paying attention, yes, this is about the 10th black/white fuzzy sweater you’ve seen on the blog in the last month - i’m so into it right now! xoxo.

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