Wearing: Gingham Friday

«outfit details: hat: Tumblr. shirt: Forever 21. shorts: Asos. shoes: Zara.»


getting the last few wears out of my summer attire before the temps drop. forgoing fashion week activities for a yankee’s game tonight - excited for the weekend, what will you all be doing? i hope it’s wonderful .xoxo.

Wearing: Casual, Fashion Week

«outfit details: top/shoes: Zara. jeans: Madewell. bag: vintage Coach.»


tonight i’ll be gathering with some of my favorite bloggers to celebrate the kickoff of nyfw  with tumblr and i wanted to keep it casual. that’s been my approach the past few seasons, literally and figuratively. nyfw is an amazing institution, where you can draw so much inspiration (and i always do). i’ll be attending a few things, but also, not attending a lot. while i do love it, i know that it can get so chaotic and really warp with your mind - causing me to think, even if for only a moment, that i need to be thinner, or have nicer clothes, or care more about what i look like, and i’m doing everything in my power to care less about that stuff and more about my soul. so yeah, expect a bit of fashion week stuff here, but only the cool stuff, and no hype :) xoxo,

Want Wednesday: Clover Canyon Fall 2014


as per every season ever, Clover Canyon did not disappoint this nyfw. above are six of my favorites from the fall 2014 collection. the brand continues to use bold colors and prints, this time featuring brilliant tartan, sleek shapes and perfectly-placed elements of black. i love it, don’t you? photo credit (and to see the rest of the collection) via style.com

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