Wearing: LA

«outfit details: tee: c/o Everlane. jeans: Madewell. boots: Zara. jacket: Levis. hat: Fairends.»


half of this outfit belongs to my husband. its the perfect amount of simplicity and comfort as we travel to l.a. today. my sister is getting married out in the desert and i’m so excited for a little vacation and family time - parents fly in from singapore, brother from upstate, lots of friends as well, it’s going to be amazing.i won’t be posting on here but you can follow along on instagram. see you on the 26th. xoxo.

Wearing: Masculine Pink

«outfit details: jumper/shoes: Asos. bag: vintage Coach. earrings: Forever 21.»


i love the masculinity of this jumper - its something a strong woman in the eighties would wear. wore it for a day of work and media meetings and an evening out with a friend. xoxo.

Wearing: Stripes on White

«outfit details: top/shoes: Zara. shorts: Levis. bag: vintage Coach. necklaces: H&M, Asos, Topshop.»


super simple today. i’m headed to LA for a couple weeks on friday and i’m already dressing for the relaxed vibe. i can’t wait!

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