Wearing: Bumble Bee

«outfit details: shirt: H&M. shorts: NTICE. shoes: Zara.»


tgif amirite? lovely day in the office with lots of plans that include unshine for the weekend. have a great weekend, everyone!

Wearing: Sparkled

«outfit details: top: Forever 21. jeans: Madewell. shoes: Zara.»


basic black today. a full day in the office and over at Instagram’s offices for meetings followed by a lovely dinner tonight with NARS. xoxo.

Wearing: Back to the Beginning

«outfit details: shirt/skirt: Forever 21. shoes: Zara. bag/sunnies: vintage.»


when i first started this blog years ago, i pretty exclusively wore Forever 21. partly because of the price, partly for the fast fashion aspect. as i’ve gotten older, i’ve learned to invest in pieces and buy less of the throw-away kind. i often recycle, give away or sell pieces i no longer care for. with that said, i still love Forever 21 and am just more careful about what i select. this skirt was purchased this weekend for under $20 and i just love it! xoxo.

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